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Our team of professional assemblers has been involved in the construction of wooden houses for 12 years. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in working with wood- after all, this is the most “live” material, the nuances and subtleties of which must be especially taken into account during the assembling of the wooden house.
Our main partner in the manufacturing of wooden houses is the Finnish plant Honkatalot/POLARFILEHAUS. Long-term cooperation helps us to build a house quickly, qualitatively and efficiently. In addition to house assembling  works we can carry out an exterior and interior works, and painting if it is requested by the Customer.

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Choosing us, you will get a guaranteed quality from the beginning untill the end of your project.

You have decided to build a wooden house. You start to choose the manufacturer of a wooden house, thinking over all the nuances in the design process, planning the interior of your future  house.
 Who should be entrusted with the construction of your dream house?
The only way to save yourself from the possible troubles is to make the right choice with the best developer.
With extensive experience, we know all the subtleties and nuances of assembling of wooden houses. Thanks to the proven technology, we will assemble the house quickly and efficiently, giving a guarantee for the performed work.
The assembling stage is very important in process of appearing of your your dream house. The choosing of not qualified companies leads to unpleasant consequences and to high additional costs in correcting the unprofessional assembly effects.

Team Timpurit OÜ cares about its reputation and the peace of mind of its customers

Years of experience in Construction of wooden houses
Completed projects
Experienced professionals with an innovative approach to work
Строительство деревянных домов

We stand out from other companies

Grateful clients and satisfied partners
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